Anchorage Public School

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Available Loose (8.5"x11"), Matted, or Framed in a Black Metal or Wood Frame (11"x14")

Anchorage Public School opened in 1915 and has since been recognized for providing an excellent education for the local community. The Spanish Mission Style school was designed by the Louisville architectural firm, Ward and Glossop, and built by the contractor Henry Frank. The original quadrangle building included a 400 seat auditorium, a gymnasium in the basement, spacious athletic fields, and land set aside for a future public park.

The school also served as a high school, with the lower grades located in another building on the property, now torn down. The school was modified and enlarged throughout the decades, including a new first floor gymnasium, and a 500 seat auditorium. The auditorium served as a center for theatre and entertainment in Anchorage. The school today plays a vital role in making Anchorage a premier area to live.

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