Belknap Bridge-- Deckle Edge

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Available loose (8.5x11) and framed (11x14).

The Belknap Bridge, located near Big Rock, spans the Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek.  Construction of Belknap Bridge, the first of the stone bridges in Cherokee Park, began in 1901.  Morris Burke Belknap, a leading industrialist and civic leader, donated funds for the bridge in memory of his late wife, Lily.  Belknap served on the Board of Parks and Commissioners from 1896-1901 and negotiated the bridge design with Shelply, Rutun, and Coolidge, a Boston architectural firm. 

The Cherokee Park bridges are a collection of civic memorials donated to the park in the early 20th century, and add character to the park today.  Cherokee Park was laid out in 1891 by the famous landscape architect, Fredrick Law Olmsted. Olmsted is known as the “Founder of American Landscape Architecture” with such works as the grounds of the U.S. Capitol and New York’s Central Park. Olmsted stated upon visiting the park that without hesitation, he had never seen a piece of property “more entirely endowed by nature with the advantages for a beautiful park.”

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