Cave Hill Duck Pond and Administration Building

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Available loose (8.5"x11"), matted, or in a black wood or metal frame (11"x14")

Cave Hill Cemetery was chartered in 1848 by the General Assembly and designed by civil engineer Edmund F. Lee, using the concept of a garden-style cemetery. It is named for the cave which runs 246 feet into the hillside on the east bank of the main lake below the administration office building.

The Duck Pond at Cave Hill is comprised of a series of picturesque lakes fed by underground springs that flow through the property. It remains a popular attraction for citizens who come to feed the waterfowl such as baby ducklings, goslings, and cygnets (swans).

Cave Hill is one of the finest arboretums in the U.S., with over 500 species of trees and shrubs planted in the 296 acres. Over 120,000 people are buried there, including Louisville founder George Rogers Clark; Colonel Harland Sanders; Muhammad Ali; Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr., creator of the Kentucky Derby; and Patti Hill, composer of the Happy Birthday song.

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