Highlands Victorian Home

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Available loose (8.5"x11"), matted, or a black wood or metal frame (11"x14").

Highlands Victorian

     This Victorian residence is common in style for the Highlands area of Louisville at the end of the 1800’s.

     The phrase “Victorian” refers to the time period of the reign of Queen Victoria of England 1837-1901. In architectural sense "Victorian" is a heading for many architectural styles that evolved during her reign.   Queen Anne, Stick style, Shingle style, Second Empire, Richardsonian Romanesque, and Folk Victorian are all "Victorian".  These styles especially evolved after 1850 when railroads provided building materials from across the continent.

     Builders were no longer confined to the local building materials and building techniques using stone and brick that resulted in the simple box style Georgian and Federal houses, most notable Locust Grove and Federal Hill, or My Old Kentucky Home.  Now precut wood studs and premade building parts were available coast to coast that allowed builders to experiment with complex shapes and exterior wall materials. The styles in this house are  Stick and Shingle Style.

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