NEW! Sun Splashed Silks Stationery

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Box tied with bow. Contains 10 cards with 10 envelopes.

“One of the most beautiful sights in racing is the sun sparkling of brilliantly colored silks and the horses’ glossy and sleek coats. As they head to the starting gate, jockeys focus on their strategies and how their horses are warming up.”

K. M. Walizer, Kentucky native.

Proceeds to benefit the residents & day programs of Pillar/Apple Patch Pillar, formerly Apple Patch, was formed in 1989 by a group of parents concerned for the future of their adult children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their mission is to improve the lives of these individuals through residential, day programs, and varied support services that assist them in achieving their highest potential, the goals to which they aspire, and lead independent productive lives.

Pillar serves over 200 individuals in both Louisville and Crestwood Kentucky. For more information on Pillar:

K. M. Walizer Fine Art distributed by Wadia Newman Designs, LLC Louisville, KY

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