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Available loose (8.5"x11"), matted, or in a black metal or wood frame (11"x14").

"A lasting impression of its beauty"..President Herbert Hoover

Nunnlea was one of three family homes surrounded by hundreds of acres, built by members of the Funk family. In 1792 and 1798, Jacob Funk bought nearly 800 acres in the Linn Station area from Peyton Short, who, in 1786 had bought half the military grant of 2,000 acres owned by Henry Harrison of Virginia. Jacob Funk's grandson, Peter, acquired the land and built the home known as Cherry Spring - still standing on the corner of Hurstbourne Parkway and Taylorsville Road. He deeded 100 acres of land, which included Nunnlea, to his daughter Harriet and her husband Alfred Hise in 1862.Nunnlea was built around 1855, a year after their marriage.In 1867 Harriet sold the 100-acre tract after her husbands death to Samuel Wharton. It remained in the Wharton family until 1887, when it was divided in half and sold. The tract containing Nunnlea was bought by William Hunsinger and remained in his family until 1928, when it was sold to Jacob M. Owen. In 1935 Owen sold the house to Virginia and George Eady.Mrs. Eddy's maiden name was Nunn, so the house was given the name "Nunnlea". In 1961 the land was sold to a developer.In 1962 the Beautification League of Louisville and Jefferson County Inc. bought the house, saving it from being razed. The Beautification League maintains the property today, using it for educational programs, parties, and wedding receptions. The architectural style is of Federal origins, with a Greek Revival columned front porch addition by architect E.T. Hatchlings after the 1937 flood.

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