Patriot's Peace Memorial

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Available loose (8.5"x11"), matted, or in a black metal or wood frame (11"x14").

Patriots Peace Memorial 2002

Dedicated on Veterans Day November 11, 2002, and located on River Road near Indian Hills Trail. This Memorial is dedicated to the memory of those United States military personnel who have given their lives in the line of duty "under conditions other than those of declared hostile action”. The memorial is dedicated to those of the region who gave their lives during times of peace in the cause of freedom. 

Individual glass pieces etched with the name of the fallen patriot replace the block, signifying the loss. The glass void becomes a point of light that transforms the memorial into a light-filled space each day and illuminates the name. 

As evening approaches the light from within radiates outward into the community to remind us of our freedom, purchased by these brave men and women. International Design Competition winner was David Quillin of Maryland; Project Architect was Bravura Corporation, Louisville. Inspired by Nancy and Charley Simpson, who lost their son Brice, training in Japan, and Rebecca Jackson, Jefferson County Judge/Executive. As the fortunate artist chosen to render this moving memorial, I must say that I have never been prouder to present a rendering in my entire career.

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